Monday, December 1, 2008

Other Introductions to Medieval MSS on the Internet

Medieval Manuscript Manual
"This manual was created in the course of various cultural heritage-projects at the Department of Medieval Studies at Central European University, Budapest. It should offer basic information on the topic Medieval Manuscripts to be comprehended and utilized also by non-specialists in the field. It might be applied as general background knowledge, teaching module, and distance learning unit
  • for the description of specific surviving objects of our European medieval cultural heritage, and
  • for the composition of appropriate multi-media applications to serve a wider international public.
Thus, it is also meant to diminish the often existing gap between technical specialisation and general cultural heritage knowledge. " This site is available in English, Hungarian and Italian, for download or online viewing.

The Free Library of Philadelphia's collection of medieval & renaissance manuscripts.
Not only does this site provide an introduction to manuscript studies and images of the manuscripts themselves; it also provides technical notes on the process of digitization, description and cataloguing.

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