Monday, December 1, 2008

Medieval MSS Online: News

Greetings! Welcome to the first summary of the news coverage of medieval manuscripts. I hope that I can make this format more my own and not simply a copy of Dr. Nokes', but for now my imitation must be a shining compliment to the practical format adopted at UW. I've taken the liberty of adding an embedded video at the end of this entry; I've been wanting to find a way to include the interviews and interesting multimedia I find dealing with medieval MSS and this seems to fit in rather well.

Just a heads-up: So far, I haven't spoken of Evellum's products on this blog because I couldn't seem to find anything but advertisements online. Recently, I was at the the British Library and bought two of their interactive dvds. I hope to review them here soon.
Medieval Manuscripts of the Fitzwilliam Museum -- Part 1
"Dr Stella Panayotova, keeper of manuscripts and printed books Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, introduces the museum and shows a rare example of a Dutch medieval manuscript."

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