Thursday, May 8, 2008

University Libraries

Universities hold many of the manuscripts and manuscript digitalisation projects currently on the internet. I’ll only introduce a few here, since there are so many, but hopefully from these sites you will be able to search for others. You can also search for university official web sites, navigate to the library section, and look for special projects or collections. Often you will find more useful information this way than you will by using Google, Yahoo, or even another university resource page.

Again, I only present a few of these sites to you in these articles, but I will try and not duplicate too many of them--if a site appears more than once, you know it must be good!

University of Southampton
The Wessex Parallel WebTexts are hosted on their site, developed by one of their faculty and partly funded by them. This is the excellent digitalization project of the Harley Lyrics.

University of Michigan
This site hosts the Middle English Compendium, which contains not only a huge section of Middle English Prose and Verse but also a very valuable Middle English Dictionary that would be of help when you begin to read manuscripts.

University of Virginia
More Middle English texts can be found here in the University of Virginia’s Middle English Collection--most of these texts are published in this American mirror on behalf of the Oxford University Text Archive; another academic connection!

Georgetown University
This university houses the widely-acclaimed Labyrinth, a search engine with many links and resources relating to medieval studies. Many of the manuscripts you see linked from this website can be found using this search engine.

University of Rochester
The Rossell Hope Robbins Library is hosted and maintained by the University of Rochester--this is where we find the Camelot Project, the Robin Hood Project, the Medieval Alexander Project, and the TEAMS Middle English Texts.

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